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Abdiqani Sheikh Omar Hassan is a doctor and the Government Director General with extensive experience  in Public Health, Humanitarian, and Gender Equality sectors in Somalia. In addition to this, he is an  advocate for human and gender rights and a generous social worker. Having worked as the Director  General for the Ministry of Women and Human Rights, and the Ministry of Health and Human Service, he  has a list of significant achievements under his name.With an impressive academic, research, and publication record, he possesses a set of interpersonal,  communication, networking, decision-making, and negotiation skills that complement his commitment to  on-going professional development. He is an inspirational leader and a true team player who knows how  to build and motivate successful teams.



Dr. Abdiqani has a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from Benadir University and a Master’s degree in Public Health from Kampala University. Also he has MBA health, Leadership and Management from United States International University, Africa. He holds a diploma of Human Resource Management from DIMA College, Kenya and a qualifying post-graduate diploma of Malaria Program Planning and Management from Tehran University. He also holds multiple certificates in Political Science and Public Administration, Strategic Management & Leadership, and Policy Planning and Implementation. He has spent several years in academia indulged in the perusal of many educational resources, which has proved to broaden his horizon and has made for an ongoing learning process.


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